DIY Anal Whitening At Home

Say what? Yep, I just said it: anal whitening. If it makes you blush, don’t worry, it’s pretty normal. It’s not just you who’s blushing right now, we all blush at the mention of anal whitening! Or, anal bleaching if you really prefer. But just what is anal whitening? And how can you do it in the privacy of your home? Well, we’re here today exactly for that. Here’s all you need to know about DIY anal whitening at home.

What Is Anal Whitening?

As the name might tell you, it has something to do with the anus and, well… Whitening it. It’s not a symptom of some very peculiar skin disorder that manifests itself with making your skin around the anus suddenly lighten up, don’t worry. In fact, it has nothing to do with skin disorders, but it has to do with skin discoloration.

Namely, anal whitening is a somewhat recent practice that aims at whitening the area around the anus. Why would anyone want, and go so far as to actually whiten their anus, you ask?

Well, anal whitening is a consequence of a problem. The problem is that many people discover that their anus is a bit too dark. The reasons for a dark anus can be indeed, many. It can just be down to your genetics, or it can also be due to staining from years and years of following a particular diet. Diets, of course, provide your feces with a certain color, and anything that’s exposed to a certain color for a sufficiently long time will receive some coloration.

But it’s not just the food that decides upon the final hue of the fecal matter that your body will kick out. Sometimes, the coloring can be the result of intestinal bleeding, or too much bile being produced by your gallbladder. If you find your anus to be darker than it would seem normal (in comparison to your actual skin color, of course), then it may be a wise decision to talk about this to your doctor. Yes, I know, it’s blushing-ception now, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Rest assured, doctors are pretty used to the wildest of questions you can’t even imagine, so your risk of embarrassment will be reduced to a minimum.

So, people who decide that their anus is a bit too dark can now choose to do something about it. Anal whitening is a procedure that aims to change the color of the anus, i.e. make it lighter in hue or brighter looking. Hence the term “whitening.” And hence the other name for anal whitening being anal bleaching. You are, after all, trying to bleach that… very specific area of your butt.

OK, Why Even Do Anal Whitening?

Well, why anything, really? Originally, anal whitening (or anal bleaching) was a popular trend among fashion models, porn stars and various celebrities. It may have been due to their perfectionist streaks, wanting to make sure that their body looks good in even the most intimate corners. Or it could have been the result of the competitive pressure in the porn industry. Someone, somewhere, decided that an overly dark anus didn’t evoke the most pleasant of feelings. After all, that particular area of the body requires a bit of hygiene to keep it clean and pleasant, so it’s no wonder that an overly dark anal opening would bring some pretty stinky associations. So, there was a problem, and people came up with a solution to the problem. Whatever the original cause might have been, nowadays anal whitening is a pretty widespread and casual trend.

Besides removing those nasty associations with your butt, having a bleached anus can make you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel sexy, clean and confident and works by lightening the darker skin around the anal area. This is especially important nowadays when anal sex has lost most of the taboo surrounding it, and more and more people are experimenting in bed. So, maybe you’re doing it for you (you wanna love those nudes you’re taking), or, you may be doing it for a more satisfying sex life.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s completely fine. So, why do anal whitening?

The answer is: why not.

What’s more, now you have a wide variety of options as to where, and how to do anal whitening. You can get an anal bleaching session in a cosmetic salon that offers the service, but that may make you cringe and can be somewhat shameful.

But getting it done in a salon isn’t necessary, and may be a step too far for those who are easily embarrassed. The good news is that you can do a DIY anal bleaching treatment in your own home - efficiently, cleanly, and safely.

But Why Do Anal Bleaching At Home?

I know, right? Isn’t it supposed to be immensely better if it’s done by cosmetic professionals who specialize in anal whitening? And yes, those are all good points. If you are confident and have zero f*cks to give, go for it.

But aside from worries about self-consciousness, feelings of shame and anxieties about your appearance and private parts, doing an anal whitening in your home has other things going for it. For one, it’s a lot, and I mean a lot cheaper. You can pull it off with fairly common household items and ingredients, and they’re all safe and natural.

Thirdly, you can do it whenever you please, instead of trying to fit precious hours into your tight schedule. Cosmetic and beauty salons that provide anal bleaching (or anal whitening) services are still not so common, so chances are that you will have to waste a lot of time driving your butt there. And paying a lot of money just to be able to do it. And my question is, why? You can save all that hassle and do anal whitening at home. Affordable, safe, private, fast.

So what’s not to like?

As we already mentioned, having a good looking body is important to most people and it is perfectly normal and natural to feel like that. And one of the problems that some people worry about is the dark skin tone in their anal area. This area of skin darkens over time due to friction, while drinking lots of coffee and soda or having poor hygiene habits (or the lack of them) could also cause darkening of the skin surrounding the anus.

You shouldn’t be worried or ashamed about this since the factors that can contribute to a dark anus are really too many to number here. And honestly, most of the times they’re firmly out of your control. Even if you are the most hygienic person around, obsessing about every little nook and cranny of your body, your anus may still be dark. There is no reason to feel anxious or ashamed about it. We are living, breathing human beings, and our bodies are just doing their thing.

But instead of bringing yourself unnecessary stress in your life, you can take the safe, relaxed route by doing anal bleaching at home.

The best thing about DIY treatments is that you can do it yourself without strangers having to look at your nether regions. And of course, doing anal whitening in the privacy of your home with nothing but a handful of household ingredients are considerably cheaper than undergoing surgery or traveling to a salon. Since you’re also in complete control of the treatment you can stop at any time if you become uncomfortable. Convinced? Good. Let’s see what you need to know so you can prepare for this task.

Before You Start, Here Is What You Should Know About DIY Anal Whitening

First things first - you need to prepare and do so in the correct manner. When it comes to the ingredients, you should only choose an ingredient or a product that contains natural ingredients. Don’t risk your health by trying out dubious products from shady companies filled with tons of chemicals, since you never know how your body will react. You don’t want to potentially damage your skin by using a harsh chemical which could result in unwanted side effects. If you thought anal whitening can make you feel embarrassed, imagine what running to your doctor with burns around your anus will feel like?

Yeah… No way. That looks like one of my worst nightmares if I’m being honest.  

Let’s be honest, the anal area is one of the most sensitive areas of skin on your body, so do some research before you go out and stock up on the ingredients. Better safe than sorry - go natural and you won’t end up being sorry and possibly hurt. If you decide to use a cosmetic product, after all, take the time to read the ingredients on the label carefully. Google each and every one of them, and check if there are any side effects. Once you’re satisfied with it, and it looks like a fairly safe option, go for it.

Finally, one more thing. It should really go without saying, but when it comes to natural remedies for treatments like this, they can take a while until you begin to see results. The reality is that you will probably have to repeat the treatment to make sure you get the right skin tone, however, you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, and at a place all on your own. Here’s how to prepare yourself before you begin.

Initial Preparations For Anal Whitening At Home

Have you noticed how cosmeticians and surgeons clean the area before they begin working on it first? Well, you should definitely do the same. Hair and dirt (and, ahem, other things) can complicate your DIY anal whitening procedure in all sorts of ways. For one, it may make the whole endeavor and effort pretty pointless. If your anus is covered with hair and dirt, it will make it more difficult for the treatment to actually reach your skin and make the necessary changes.

Besides, if you don’t take the time to clean yourself thoroughly back there, you may make the entire experience not just awkward, but entirely unpleasant. So, shave or wax the hairs around your anus, and wash it well. Having your anus squeaky clean and unobstructed by hair will maximize the effects of the DIY anal whitening process and allow it to work its magic.

The first step is to clean the area and shave away (or remove by other means) any hair. Take a small mirror, or your smartphone’s camera, and inspect the area as best as you can. Before you begin with the anal bleaching process, make sure there are no cuts or wounds around your anal area.

After doing all the preliminary cleaning, preparation, and checks, you can go ahead and begin applying the anal bleaching treatment. It goes without saying, but you should really be naked during this process. Or, at least, remain naked in the lower section of your body for a period of time. I assume that privacy is important to you, so, do what you gotta do to feel comfortable and ensure a period of time when you’ll be undisturbed. It will take some time, but you need to ensure that the anal whitening treatment has been fully absorbed into the skin. You can repeat the procedures daily, and be patient until you see results. It can take at least 2 or 3 weeks before you see any changes.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best, natural DIY methods for anal whitening that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

The Best Natural, DIY Anal Whitening Methods You Can Use At Home

As the acronym would tell you, it’s all about doing it yourself. And what better place for experimenting with your butthole than the privacy of your home? Not only that, but you have a fairly rich selection of DIY anal whitening methods to choose from too. In fact, there may be too many out there on the internet, but that’s why we’re here. We took the time to do the research and come up with a selection of some of the best and safest methods for anal whitening in existence. Here are some of the best DIY anal whitening methods that can be used in the safety of your home, and all of them are completely safe and all-natural.

You Can Use Citrus Fruits For Anal Whitening

Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits, citrons, limes and so on, are quite a large family of plants. There are hundreds of variants and subspecies, but almost all of them will do for our task today. Citrus fruits got their name due to the citric acid, a compound that finds use in the skin care and beauty industry due to its brightening effects. Most notably, citric acid and citrus fruits are specifically used to treat the appearance of skin blemishes, discoloration, acne scars, and stretch marks. Additionally, besides citric acid, citrus fruits boast a high concentration of Vitamin C too, which also aids in reducing hyperpigmentation.

So, if citrus fruits can be used to bleach other parts of the skin thanks to their citric acid, they can most definitely be used to whiten the skin surrounding your butt hole, right?

The procedure is super simple and isn’t that different from trying to whiten other parts of your body. Simply choose a citrus fruit of your choice - a lemon or an orange will do nicely - and squeeze its juice in a dish or a cup of your preference. Then, take a cotton swab or a clean cloth, dab it in the citrus juice and apply it generously to the anal area. Remember, it should be clean and ideally hairless, so that the whitening ingredient can actually penetrate the skin and work its magic. After applying this anal whitening solution on your anus, you should get comfortable and lie motionless for a while. Wait at least 20 minutes so the citric acid in the citrus fruit juice can start working, then wash with some soap and water.

The Tasty Papaya Can Also Help With Anal Whitening

It’s one of the tastiest fruits in existence (well, if you ask me), but it can also double as a useful, and powerful, natural skin care treatment. If the use of papaya in anal bleaching is surprising to you, it must be due to cultural barriers. Most commonly, papayas have been used to whiten the skin in the countries in Asia and the Pacific. Lately however, the fruit has been making a good name for itself in our parts of the globe too, and for good reason. 

The whitening properties of the papaya fruit stem from its natural ingredients. Thanks to its so-called papain enzymes, it can naturally accelerate the renewal of the skin cells, but it can also whiten the area of your anus. Again, you won’t be able to see results immediately, but consistency is key here.

Here’s how to use papaya for DIY anal whitening at home. Simply slice the fruit and scoop out the insides in a clean bowl. Then, take the fruit (you can eat some if you want too, why not) and scrub it over the anal skin. The whitening enzymes in the papaya work a bit faster than citric acid, so you don’t have to be lying there butt naked for 20 minutes with tasty, sticky papaya smeared all over your butt. You can leave it working its magic for at least 6 minutes, then you can clean yourself off with some soap and water.

Make Anal Whitening More Powerful With Almond Oil And Coconut Oil

These oils can act as a kind of natural catalyst for the whitening effects of the citrus fruits and the papaya. Almond oil, on its own, possesses some mild bleaching properties as well. Coconut oil, in turn, softens the skin, penetrates your pores and makes it much easier for the other compounds to get where they need to. That being… Deep inside your butt hole’s skin. But puns aside, if you can combine several of these ingredients in one, DIY anal whitening formula, more power to you.

Here’s how to do it. Take some coconut oil, almond oil, lemon juice (or any citrus fruit juice) and papaya slices. Mix all of these well until they become a sort of paste (or whatever you wish it to look and feel like, really) and apply the mixture generously over your anus. You can leave it on for around 15 minutes, then wash it off with water and soap. Of course, you can leave it for a lot longer, but the skin whitening ingredients in these fruits and oils don’t take a lot of time to begin working. Remember, this is just fruits and natural oils - and therefore completely safe. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

But What If DIY Anal Whitening Treatments Don’t Work For You?

Well, that is certainly an option. There are tons of reasons why that might be the case - maybe the amount of citrus acid in the citron fruits isn’t quite enough. Maybe the papayas are of a certain sort that they have a weaker skin bleaching potential. Or maybe your skin, especially your anus, are kinda resistant to acquiring these whitening effects from the homemade formulas. And maybe, it would take much longer for your skin to acquire these effects, and you’ll have to be using these DIY anal whitening formulas at home for a full year or two, instead of weeks or months.

Which, let’s be honest, sounds entirely exhausting.

So, the reasons behind why these natural, DIY anal whitening treatments don’t work for you can really be anything. It’s completely normal and natural, it happens to a lot of people, and it really shouldn’t be a concern for you ro give you pause. Our bodies are the way they are, and sometimes they work in mysterious ways. Keep calm and carry on.

DIY Anal Whitening Kits That You Can Buy Over The Counter

And perhaps give some of those commercial anal whitening products a try. You know, those professional-grade anal whitening products you keep seeing in that half-hidden corner in your local beauty store. Usually, these products come in the form of gels and creams and contain a DIY anal whitening kit with a special set of instructions as to how to do it at home.

Some of these products can be a bit risky for some people, due to the chemicals in their composition. Always read the labels before buying a product, and be on the lookout for potentially harmful chemicals. For example, you’d be wise to avoid products which contain chemicals such as hydroquinone as you could end up with skin problems like rashes, burning or irritation.

However, most commercially available DIY anal whitening kits are made from all natural ingredients which makes them very safe to use, so you shouldn’t worry. As we mentioned earlier in this article, anal whitening is no longer taboo, and there are many companies that compete with each other trying to offer the best solution for the consumer.

This means that you have a wide selection of DIY anal whitening kits available to buy over-the-counter. There are some that are more expensive than others and promise debatable benefits, but there are also anal whitening gels and creams that are super user-friendly and very affordable. However, every product is only as effective as your willingness to follow the instructions. And as the saying goes, preparation is half the battle. We hope that our article was helpful to inform you for the various, and best DIY anal whitening options and that you’ll have a pleasant experience that will boost your self-esteem and help you love yourself more.