2017 Is The Year Of The Butt - You’ll Never Believe This Crazy Booty Beauty Trend

In 2017, the world has gone crazy over butts. Think about all the insane things people do these days to get their tushy looking like Beyonce’s Bootylicious Bum. And thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, we’ve been gifted with the ultimate beauty trend to get a perfect patootie.

You ready for it?

Butt Bleaching. The truth is, porn stars have been doing it for years. But as Brazilian waxes have grown in popularity, more and more of us common-folk are taking notice of the skin color around the ...um... backdoor. Waxing specialists report that many people are surprised at how dark their skin tone is down-under, and want to know how to lighten the pigment.

No longer exclusive to the Kardashians of the world, this cheeky beauty trend has hit the mainstream. Spas who offer the service report that requests for bum bleaching appointments have doubled in the last year. And not just from women - men are getting their bum bleach on too.

While this may sound crazy, people are loving this tushy-tastic new trend. Here’s the top 5 things you need to know BEFORE becoming a bleach babe:

1) How Does Skin Lightening Work?

While referred to as “bleaching,” it’s is more lightening cream than Clorox. The products work by stopping the development of melanin in your skin - which is the chemical that causes dark pigment.

As your body naturally gets rid of old skin cells, the new cells that form have less melanin - which results in a lighter pigment.

Most spas and DIY home treatments use gentle ingredients, such as Kojic acid. This is actually a byproduct of rice fermentation, and is used to change the color of many food and cosmetic products.

2) Why Do People Get Their Bum Bleached?

Experts from Skin-Lightening company Amaira explain why people are lightening their intimate areas:

“As Brazilian-style waxing has become more popular, people are much more aware of their intimate areas. They feel self-conscious about what they see, and want to feel clean and well-groomed down below.

A lot of times people do it for their partner, who might feel a bit squeamish about the darker skin. But most people do it for themselves, so they can feel confident and sexy when they know someone is seeing their backside during intercourse.”

3) How Long Will It Take To Get The Perfect Pigment?

You’re not Casper. You don’t want a stark-white butthole. A good rule of thumb (or bum), is to aim for two shades lighter than your natural pigment.

Bleaching experts from Amaira say:

“For some people it will take 2 treatments, and for some it will take 6 or 7. It’s completely dependent on your natural pigment, as well as the sensitivity of your skin.”

4) Can I Do It Myself At Home?

A lot of people are too embarrassed to bare it all at a salon, and prefer to conduct the simple treatment themselves in the privacy of their own home. If you’re not ready to get up-close-and-personal with your local salon personnel, then you’re probably better off with a DIY at-home treatment.

Conducting a private bleach sesh at home is super simple - Just follow the step-by-step instructions on the box. The important part is choosing the right product. Make sure any at-home treatments have natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types.

When in doubt, turn to your trusty friend Google. Search for reviews on the products you're considering to find out which one is best for your tender tushy.

5) Is It Safe?

High-quality products should use natural ingredients and be safe for all skin types. They shouldn’t burn or irritate the skin (although you may feel a slight tingle.)

The major risk is getting the process done at a salon or spa, where you can’t control the cleanliness, or the expertise of the person conducting the treatment. This is why many people prefer the DIY method in the privacy of their own home, where you’re in total control.

So what do you think? Ready to try out this fancy fanny trend and get a shiny new nether region? Like any health or beauty treatment, the most important part is doing your homework. Do your own investigating before trying any new products or treatments. If you have questions or want to learn more, check out manufacturer FAQs like those at Amaira, or do some Googling to find product reviews.

You’ll find the products which are right for you, so you can finally get your perfect bleached badonk-a-donk.