Essential Oils For Scars

Many people have scars on their body, and while some people don’t worry about them, other people dislike their appearance and look for ways of making them look smaller and less obvious. For centuries, essential oils have played a key role in fading scars, reducing the appearance of blemishes and regenerating the skin cells which are able to layer over damaged and uneven scar tissues for a healthy and new overall appearance. While a scar cannot be completely removed by using essential oils, using them regularly can improve the look of your skin.

How Do Essential Oils Benefit The Skin?

Different essential oils boast a number of properties, and if you want to reduce your scar’s appearance there are a number of essential oils which have excellent antioxidant and antibacterial properties which can revive, heal and clean the skin.

Essential oils have well known cicatrisant properties meaning they can regenerate skin cells and aid in the regrowth of tissues. This means they can promote healing in the body, slowly growing fresh cells that can replace scarred and blemished old ones.

Best Therapeutic Carrier Oils For Scars

When using essential oils on the skin, a carrier oil is the best method of application. While some essential oils are able to be directly applied onto the skin without causing any problems, most require dilution with a carrier oil for higher rates of absorption and a more even rate of distribution. Some of the best carrier oils for removing and reducing blemishes and scars are rosehip oil and coconut oil since they boast properties to regenerate the skin, leaving it looking healthy and clean.

Best Essential Oils For Scars


Originating from Boswellia tree sap, frankincense not only has a lovely scent, it also boasts healing properties. It can help in cell regrowth and health, reducing scar appearance and speeding the process of healing. It can also balance levels of sebum and improve skin tone so your new skin can grow over the scarred skin.


Originating from Marigold flowers, calendula oil is a popular choice thanks to its plant based antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula oil accelerates healing and increases oxygen delivery and blood flow around the body to speed up cellular regeneration. This means that skin can grow more rapidly to cover scars.

Carrot Seed

Sometimes called Daucus Carota, this essential oil has healing properties thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and antiseptics and its high concentration of Beta and Alpha Pinene and Carotene. As carrot seed essential oil also has high vitamin A levels, it produces extra collagen – a key component required to regenerate skin tissue and cells. The higher the level of collagen in your skin, the smoother and more even your scars will be.


The Cedarwood tree is grown in Mexico and the Atlantic cedar is best known for having healing properties thanks to its antiseptic nature. Suitable for use by people with virtually all skin types, cedarwood oil cleans, conditions and regenerates the skin, reducing scar appearance and improving the look of blemishes.


Borage oil has a high level of omega 6 and omega 4 fatty acids which can travel deeply into skin, regenerating and revitalizing the tissues and cells. It also has a high level of salicylic acid which acts as a natural antiseptic, tightening and strengthening the skin while reducing scars, blemishes and redness. Borage essential oil is an excellent choice for treating unwanted scars.

These are just some of the best essential oils for improving the appearance of scars. Easy to use and highly therapeutic, they are a simple, convenient and effective way of making unwanted blemishes appear more even and attractive.